Screen printing 


I spent the day screen printing the images I had altered on photoshop. I had chosen 4 colours but after sampling I decided on a pallet of black yellow and orange even though picture 1 included green and pink also. The 3 colours looked more dramatic and I felt 5 colours of print may be to busy. I may still add further colours at the stitch stage. Time contemplating the images later I decided that the image above which was experimental as I was using the left over ink on the screen to press this image was the one I preferred. I had only screen printed this image on paper so i went back into the screen print room and reprinted. Looking at my choice of fabrics I liked the muslin as this would enable me to look through image 1 to image 2 and so on. This could be an idea for displaying the images at the end.

An issue i had to work out was how to get the images to overlay for a mix of the colour pallet and also to give a blurred or double exposed image. This required measurements and thinking before I went ahead with the print.


Continue to experiment with portrait 2

Today I tried painting with inks and experimenting with scale, free drawing img and tracing. I didn’t feel happy with any of today’s sampling.

I decided to use ink and bleach on fabric and allow the self directed patterns to dictate the colours for my portrait. This felt much more creative and I instantly started to enjoy the work.

The problem with using inks and bleach is that you can not always get the accuracy that you want. This can be turned into a positive if one is looking for a more abstract look.


Workshop on stretching canvas on frames

Bill the technician explained and demonstrated how to stretch canvas. I inquired about the hessian I have used and Bill explained the difficulty I may experience when I attempt to stretch it. I also spoke about the possibility of using finer fabrics and we discussed how that might stretch and not respond well to that type of fabric.

Difficult day on portrait 2

Today was the day to continue with portrait 2 and what a frustrating day everyday of trying to go forward today didn’t work. My aim was to produce contours of the face with fabric.

I was trying to find a way of transferring the photoshopped image to fabric and then build the contours of the face up with layers of fabric.

I tried using a

  • Light box
  • Tracing
  • Freezer paper
  • Iron interfacing
  • Painting the lines with inks
  • Free hand drawing

None of these were successful so in the end I decided to draw the basic outline and then build up the colours freehand as I do when painting.

Painting the contours with inks worked well on a previous picture but that was because the portrait was large.

Glazing my sculpted head

The head has gone through the firing process and come out in one piece. I looked at the choices of finishes and wanted a colourful glaze. The choice was limited and I chose a green that should come out shiny after a further firing.

If time allows me I still want to use this head as a maquette for creating a fabric version of me. I will have to work extremely fast on the 3 pieces, to give myself enough time to spend on the maquette.

After firing due to the higher temperatures required for glazing the head has ended up with some serious cracks. I could have used bronze oxide and rubbed it in and that wouldn’t have required firing. I like the glossy green glaze but it is essential that if producing a sculpture again I am aware of the risk of repeat firing.