Field trip to Warner brother studio 


The Warner brothers workshop was showcasing work by professional ‘s at the high end of their field and access to a large budget for materials but the visit to the studio was useful, It was interesting to see their work a various stages of development. I was able to ask questions about the various stages of the mask making process.

I gained renewed inspiration to use my maquette for a further fabric sculpture. The first process is to make the wire frame. I spent time speaking with technical worker Bill and we discussed different methods for making a suitable frame. I also watched you tube videos. Not many people make fabric heads so it there is not a lot of previous instructions out there.

So lots of trial and errors and probably more frustration in the sampling process.

This workshop area was inspirational due to the incredible artist talent and skill used on these models. Throughout other parts of the tour of the studio I was able to linger and study a plethora of various skilled artist’s and their work.



Over the period of 2 years of study, I have been allowed the freedom to discover what type of artist I am and critically examine what types of art I enjoy and am inspired by.

Spending time looking at the subjects whose portrait I have painted gave me a small window on their lives seemed to natarualy lead on to examine self.

When I sculpted the self portrait I was told by my tutor that I had undeterred more wrinkles and aged the portrait of my self more than was in reality. I analizied this an realised that I’m happy with my lines and wrinkles and thus in turn happy with my own place in my life.

I am drawn to conceptual art and have become fascinated by portraiture and how various artist have been able to convey emotion and a visual narrative into the eyes of facial features. I am naturally drawn to abstract painting and appreciate the freedom that this allows the artist.

I always use an element of print and stitch in my work and consider myself as an fibre artist.


I visited Yorkshire sculpture park to especially see the work of graffiti artist KAWS.

The artist aims to convey emotion of everyday life into his sculptures, to elicit emphathy from the viewers which I feel he does, as my friend who accompanied me voluntarily uttered symphetic sighs and “aahs” when she was looking at the sculptures.

He creates this by tilting the heads or using their hands to gesture.


Im intrigued by the age old concept of an artist having the skill to illicit emotion from the viewer from their works of art.

FMP Proposal

Proposal doc FMP

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UAL Awarding Body 

Unit 14 – Project Proposal

Candidate Number
Pathway  Textiles Textiles
Project Title  Lets live this life  Live This Life
Section 1: Review (Approx 150 words)

Having experimented with textiles previously I was keen to try different mediums within the course. This has led me to researching and practicing, print, photoshop, 3D, life drawing and painting. I have experimented with a variety of mediums to try and display emotion within the human face.

I continue to experiment  with different techniques and as of yet have not settled on a favoured medium to convey the message.

I have previously studied recent and past images of refugees as the narrative shown in their eyes has intrigued me and the challenge I set myself was to try and recreate the emotion and depth of feeling within my work.

Section 2: Project Concept (approx 250 words)

The idea I have been working on since the early stages of previous units are a study of the human face and how the artist is able to convey a “Visual Narrative” through portraits. This all started with a visit to Blackburn museum and studying the collections of early explorers and how their action of taking artefacts away from the homeland to display into their own collections, impacted on indigenous people.

This led me to examine the faces that art and history paints of people who have lost their homeland such as slaves. I progressed into reading and watching the expanding story of the current refuge crisis. As the story unfolded and I looked into the faces of these people experiencing the worst nightmare of their life’s, I was able to see the pain, uncertainty and desperation etched into their eyes. It was as though what had happened to them was told as a story in their eyes this especially was apparent in the eyes of children. Referring back to earlier paintings of slavery they had the same look in their eyes.

This research I explored in the previous unit to some success but I discovered that the time spent on the subject had started to effect my mood. The darkness and sadness of the subject matter which I was trying to replicate was starting to weigh upon my emotions.

Examining this thought process led me on to think about self. Alongside this shift in direction I had noticed that my paintings where becoming more colourful and I was naturally changing from black and white to colour.

Early experimentation has focused on developing the correct features of the face as I feel I need to understand this first before I experiment abstracting or distorting the face.

There does appear to be a theme coming from my experiments which is of using bold or bright colours and as always I am drawn to more abstract methods of work.

I spent many hours creating works in black and white because I felt that this conveyed the bleakness or stark reality of the context the subjects where living in. As time wore on these experiments started to naturally take on colour.

I have not yet decided weather to use the best of my portraits and display them as a group of faces or use one striking image.

Section 3: Evaluation (approx 100 words)

Group critiques and feedback tutorials are invaluable for gaining in genuine feedback.

This will allow me to develop the ideas I have and move them forward to produce a more mature piece of work.

Keeping a work plan which will be in the format of a diary will support me to reflect on my work on a weekly basis. the plan will have a weekly plan accompanied by a weekly reflection and evaluation.

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)


Ai Wei Wei Royal Academy Exhibition 19.10.15 – 23.12.15

KAWS Yorkshire Sculpture Park 06.02.16 – 12.06.16.

The Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester. Portrait Exhibition 14.02. 15 – 23.10.15