Trip to London Tate Britain 

David Hockney portrait of his mother and Father. I like how the colours he uses act in sharp contrast to each other yet the brilliance highlights the neighbouring colour. Hockey shows compassion and feeling in the faces of his parents. There was also a painting of Hockey’s muse, Crlia Birtwell and Ossie Clark and again he captures light and radiance in the faces of his subjects.

I’m an admirer of Francis Bacons work. The distortion and disturbance he portrays in the faces of his subjects displays a juxtaposition of emotions in the viewer as they both shock and elicit compassion. His brilliance and expertise in drawing and altering of the human anatomy of the face shows great originality.

This painting by Bridget Reily when observers for a short time had the effect of convincing me that I would loose my mind if I stared at it for any length of time. Art work like this both astounds me and creates a feeling of disturbance

which continues to interest and stimulate my mind.


These artworks explore Art and Alcohol. The Hogarth depicts the famous Gin Lane. The way Gilbert and George display these photographic pieces attracts the eye to them and when you get closer your eyes dart up and down to take in the individual photos. They further  explain the significance of their reasoning behind the choices they have made about the size and clarity of the development of the photos.

This reasoning and attention to detail needs to be considered when I consider my FMP display.


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