Reflection week 6

This week has been a busy week with a deluge of sampling. I have spent many hours dyeing fabrics, painting and bleaching and drying out teabags. I have used one of the photoshopped images to try and create an image out of fabric that has taken inspiration from artists such as Kathryn Harmer Fox, Dorte Jenson and Joe Cunningham.

I used the contours of the image to try and recreate in fabric. I wasn’t happy with the dullness of the colours blue, grey and brown so I tried to change to brighter colours and again I was not happy with it. I feel the image is not clear enough and not the professional look I was aiming for.

This is a common theme I have come across whilst working the image I have in my brain does not transfer to the work I produce.

The screen printing was considerably more successful. I was happy with the strong colours and the faded aspect the prints give to my work. With experimentation I discovered that varying the amount of dye and pressure of the application gave me the faded blurred effect I was looking for. This is important to my work as I am wanting to represent the ageing process of the portraits. I was also able to experiment with double exposure and overlaying of the images to create the abstract effect I want. Due to insecurities that I have already outlined the blurring of the images coincide with this feeling. 

The colour pallet I had origonally chosen did not really have a set pallet other than bright colours which I want to use to represent the brightness and positivity of my life. Yet through the screen printing process I discovered that I liked orange, black and yellow. This theme will need to be carried forward through all my portraits to create cohesiveness. I also need to make a choice on the style and weight of fabric that will be used in the final pieces.


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