Problems with uploading images to the digital printer.

I tried to use my images that I have manipulated on photoshop onto the digital printer. I have limited skills in photoshop but I have spent time on editing photos to the best of my ability and asked for direction if anyone was near me was around to offer advice. I spent time experimenting with different outcomes and was happy with the end results. I chose three portraits of myself aged 16, mid 30’s and myself now. I did want to try and create an image of myself in the future but as yet I advent been able to create one that I am satisfied with.

I experimented with blurring or distorting the images for two reasons,

  • One being, that I am drawn to abstract painting. What I like about abstract painting is that I feel an interrelation with the chaos and roughness I see in abstract paintings. I connect with the madness and explosion of colour and it allows my imagination to run away with itself.
  • Two being, that I feel more comfortable with a blurred image of myself due to issues with confidence. That said I think abstract also will best serve my style of stitch that I intend to use.

I tried various methods of saving to JPEG, TIFF and Photoshop but I had no success. I spent most of the day trying to upload the images but to no effect. I also elicited the help of peer students and tutors but I had to admit defeat in the end. I then thought about using the images in a different ways because what I am looking for is an image that I can apply stitch to.

I have experimented with screen print, lino print and mono print. I thought I would experiment with screen print first and see weather I am able to get the image that I want.  I sent a job sheet in requesting a screen printed frame and a list of colours. I chose orange black yellow and aqua blue/grey.


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