David Hockney portraits

David Hockney is princeply known for his paintings of swimming pools and take’s inspiration from the California sunshine. His paintings are distinct to him and the blue paint he uses is characteristic to him.

There is a mill in Yorkshire Saltaire mill which I will try and visit that has several of his portraits displayed on the walls of the restaurant. What intrigues me about these is his trademark use of bold colours.

What inpresses  me about his paintings is how he captures light and expertly shows expression in the portraits of his mother, such as the one pictured above. The image of his mother was constructed with several photos to recreate his version of her face I find this work inspired and creative.

Other painters who paint distorted image portraits such as Francis Bacon creates paintings that are often alarming or disturbing to the viewer. In contrast Hockney’s image is calmer and less disconcerting. I think this may be to many factors such as the choice of the selected images, the colour  and positioning of the face, the subject matter and time and place where the artist is at in their life. The images that Francis Bacon paints create a sense of the macabre and uncomfortableness for the viewer, where as Hockney’s  portraits create a sense of calm and serene feeling allowing the viewer to appreciate the beauty of his work.

I am attracted to both styles of work and apreciate the talent of both artists.

I wasn’t able to visit Saltaire Mill to in Yorkshire to see these paintings but was fortunate to see them at Tate Britain.



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