Critique week 5

I outlined my process to date to the group and gave the reasons for my proposal and showed the them my work so far. I spoke at some length at my insecurities towards my work which include’s feeling uncomfortable with creating self-portraits as I have never felt at ease with my image. I also spoke about the nervousness I felt because this is my FMP and that I do not want to display any work that I don’t feel happy with or am proud to exhibit.

I realise that this prosess will require constant reflection as I work through my project. I spoke about my reasons for using bright colours is because I want to recreate a sense of fun, brightness and positivity to my portraits as I feel this is how I want to show my life. I explained that I am wanting to show the different ages of me through a variety of mediums. It was pointed out that I would need to carry a cohesiveness throughout the project if I am to use varied mediums. This will show a coherent unity and a sense of balance.

Ideas that the group passed 0n where helpful and thought provoking as Julia suggested that I try and place the images in front of each other to give a view of time passing and that you would be able to look at each individual piece but also all of them together.

I was given suggestions for tecniques and artist inspiration. They also passed on positive feedback about my work which gave me confidence to continue.


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