Picture 1 complete/ or maybe not

Finished I think unless I decide to add a little more abstract splashes of green to the background I’m still undecided. 30 hours of work and I’m still not totally happy. This is taken from a portrait of me at 16. I was trying to get a 3D abstract image I wanted to raise the cheek more but yet not make it too relisitic.

I’ve learnt it’s hard to interpret shade into colours and the skill needed to create a choice of colour from ones own interpretations requires a great deal of skill. Due to wanting the portrait to represent me in my youth I refrained from wrinkles and creases as I felt this could confuse the age.

The time which it takes to complete the picture is excessive but I was aware of this from previous sampling and mistakes can be costly time wise.

I think if I had interpreted the image on photoshop and created the colours on paper first I could have experimented with these and settled on what works best.  This could have saved some time on unpicking mistakes.

I chose to work with the colours as it occurred to me there and then. But I think this is a disadvantage and if I where to repeat the process would design the colour patten on photoshop first.

I now need to work out how to flatten the picture and weather to hang it so the back is visible also.

I’m still not sure but need to walk away and assess what the piece still requires. I’ve cut away at the wool because it wasn’t right. This piece defiantly needs more contemplation time before it is complete.


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