Distorting images through various mediums. 

This effect feels to clumsy and untidy.

What is it that I am trying to find in this work? I want a blurred image that will represent age.

With the distorted image I am trying to recreate discord which represents certain times of adverse emotion pressure.

So reflecting on this experimntation I’m am after two different effects .

So to put my work in order at this moment in time. This is subject to change.

  1. Image 1 – youthful image represented by bright fresh colours in an abstract painterly way. This is using the medium of stitch.
  2. Image 2 – current age with a element of distortion to represent periods of confusion and distressing life issues.
  3. Image 3 – older image looking into the gutter represented by fading and lines. I’m not sure yet if this will be black, grey and white.

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