Over the period of 2 years of study, I have been allowed the freedom to discover what type of artist I am and critically examine what types of art I enjoy and am inspired by.

Spending time looking at the subjects whose portrait I have painted gave me a small window on their lives seemed to natarualy lead on to examine self.

When I sculpted the self portrait I was told by my tutor that I had undeterred more wrinkles and aged the portrait of my self more than was in reality. I analizied this an realised that I’m happy with my lines and wrinkles and thus in turn happy with my own place in my life.

I am drawn to conceptual art and have become fascinated by portraiture and how various artist have been able to convey emotion and a visual narrative into the eyes of facial features. I am naturally drawn to abstract painting and appreciate the freedom that this allows the artist.

I always use an element of print and stitch in my work and consider myself as an fibre artist.


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