Week 3 re-think 

Something strange started to happen, I have been giving serious thought to my proposal and discovered the work said something about me. The start of my work examined oppression and despair effecting displaced people both in the past and currently represented by the ongoing refugee crisis.

My aim was to raise awareness through creating art that showed people’s plight through the narrative that is often shown in their eyes.

This took me in the direction of portraits and examining how political artists showcase their message. I experimented with mainly black and white prints as I felt it depicted the sentiment in the best medium.

What happened next was that I subconsciously started to create and think about colour. I no longer wanted to work in black and white as this was effecting my mood. It was as though my fingers where craving to work in colour.

Now I could explain this phenomenon away using various psychological theories  but I think the simplest explanation is that my mind wanted to explore hope and solution and not dwell in the darkness of the situation any longer.

This realisation gave way to looking at myself and try and understand my motives behind the original subject matter and look at in depth what defines me.

So developing my theme of portraiture into self portraiture .


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