Planning and Production

The initial plan is to continue with the theme of developing the visual narrative in the face of my subject. I have been using media photos of the current refugee crisis as I have felt the emotion conveyed in their eyes attempt to tell the story of the journey they have been travelling and the horror of their experience.

I will use a laminated photoshop image of a girl whose eyes I think convey a plethora of emotions and enlarge it up a increased scale on the overhead projector.

I projected the image on to two different papers and canvas. I felt the background was too plain so after a visit to a second hand bookshop where I found a book of poetry on recent conflicts and the fate of victims I decided to use this as  background.

 I projected the image onto this background and then used inks to paint the outline of the image. I feel uncomfortable with this work as I don’t have a clear image in my head of where to go with this.

I have taken the canvas image home and I wanted to experiment with colour so I applied coloured inks and then began to stitch coloured fabric to it.


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